Surrounded (punctuated as (____surrounded): on the packaging) is a box set released on June 27, 2006, featuring seven of Björk's albums in DualDisc format.

The seven-disc box set contains the original albums on the CD sides, and the DVD sides contain each album remastered in Dolby Digital and DTS 96/24 5.1 surround sound. The corresponding music videos are also featured on the discs and are in PCM 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. The original stereo mixes are used for the CD sides and are not remastered.


The albums contained within the boxset are:

  1. Debut
  2. Post
  3. Homogenic
  4. Selmasongs
  5. Vespertine
  6. Medúlla
  7. Drawing Restraint 9

Drawing Restraint 9 features one bonus track, "Petrolatum", that is only available in 5.1 sound and is not featured on the CD side, nor was it featured on the original CD release.

All seven DualDiscs are also available separately.


Paul PDub Walton, who had previously mixed the Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack, oversaw the remixing and remastering, despite Mark Stent being responsible for mixing the albums Homogenic through to Medúlla.

There are differences between the 5.1 versions of some tracks and the original stereo mixes - "I Miss You" from Post has been completely re-recorded and "In the Musicals" from Selmasongs is in a new edited form. The 5.1 version of "All Is Full of Love" from Homogenic is the video version and not the original album version, and the video version of "Hyperballad" from Post, which features different vocals, is also remixed into 5.1 sound.



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