Qala, Malta

For the place in Azerbaijan, see Qala, Azerbaijan.
Qala (Cala) is a village on Gozo Island, Malta, with a population of 1,609 people (Nov 2005). Nearby is Ħondoq ir-Rummien, a coastline with salt pans and caves popular with snorkellers.

Qala first referred to in a fifteenth century portolan preserved at the Vatican library has taken its name from the qala or port of Ħondoq ir-Rummien. It is the easternmost village of Gozo and has been inhabited since early times. The development of the present settlement began in the second half of the seventeenth century. It is a pleasant and rural place with many natural and historic attractions.

Though Qala is the farthest village from Gozo's capital, Victoria, it is the closest to the rest of the Maltese archipelago, and the rocky hillsides of Qala enjoy an unobstructed view of the islands of Malta and Comino.

Breath taking scenes can be enjoyed, among other places, from the Qala Belvedere and from the small courtyard in front of the church known as Il-Madonna tal-Blat (Saint Mary of the Rocks). This church faces Comino and legend has it that it was built so that the people of that island could follow Holy Mass from across the straits when rough weather precluded a priest from crossing there.

Except for a few sheltered inlets, like the popular Ħondoq Ir-Rummien. Qala's coastline is a rocky trek to which nature and history both have contributed a great deal. Natural gifts include several caves, the prettiest of which is Għar Minka, which is accessible only by boat.

Qala Main Roads

  • Triq il-Belveder (Belveder Road)
  • Triq il-Kunċizzjoni (Immacualte Conception Road)
  • Triq il-Qala (Qala Road)
  • Triq it-28 t'April 1688 (28th April 1688 Street)
  • Triq iż-Żewwieqa
  • Triq l-Imġarr (Mgarr Road)
  • Triq San Ġużepp (St Joseph Road)

Other Streets at Qala

  • Daħla il-Klin (Rosemary Lane)
  • Daħla il-Wileġ (Open Fields Lane)
  • Daħla Ta' Grunju (Grunju Lane)
  • Daħla Tal-Ħawli (Tal-Hawli Lane)
  • Daħla Tal-Knisja (Church Lane)
  • Daħla Wied Biljun (Billion Valley Lane)
  • Pjazza l-Isqof Mikiel Buttigieg (Bishop Michael Buttigieg Square)
  • Pjazza Repubblika (Republic Square)
  • Pjazza San Ġużepp (St. Joseph Square)
  • Pjazza San Kerrew (San Kerrew Square)
  • Sqaq Ta' Ħatar (Stick Alley)
  • Sqaq Tal-Ħalq (Mouth Alley)
  • Triq Andar ix-Xagħari (Andar ix-Xaghari Street)
  • Triq Federico Barocci (Federico Barocci Street)
  • Triq Ħondoq ir-Rummien (Hondoq ir-Rummien Road)
  • Triq il-Biċċier (Butcher Street)
  • Triq il-Forn (Bakery Street)
  • Triq il-Fortin Sant' Anton (St. Anthony Fort Street)
  • Triq il-Fugass (Fugass Street)
  • Triq il-Kalati Puniċi (Kalati Punici Street)
  • Triq il-Kappar (Capres Street)
  • Triq il-Klin (Rosemary Street)
  • Triq il-Mitħna (Mill Street)
  • Triq il-Papa Piju IX (Pope Pius IX Street)
  • Triq il-Papa Piju XII (Pope Pius XII Street)
  • Triq il-Wardija (Wardija Road)
  • Triq il-Wileġ (Open Fields Street)
  • Triq in-Nadur (Nadur Road)
  • Triq ir-Rebħa (Victory Street)
  • Triq it-Telgħa (Hill Street)
  • Triq it-Tempju (Temple Street)
  • Triq l-Indipendenza (Independence Street)
  • Triq l-Isqof Mikiel Buttigieg (Bishop Michael Buttigieg Street)
  • Triq Lord Strickland (Lord Strickland Street)
  • Triq Patri Ġużepp Portelli (Bro. Joseph Portelli Street)
  • Triq San Franġisk (St. Frances Street)
  • Triq Santa Marija tal-Qala (St. Mary of Qala Street)
  • Triq Ta' Cini (Cini Road)
  • Triq Ta' Gafan (Gafan Road)
  • Triq Ta' Semper (Ta' Semper Road)
  • Triq Taċ-Ċawl (Tac-Cawl Road)
  • Triq Tal-Maqjel (Pig Sty Street)
  • Triq Tal-Qasam (Qasam Road)
  • Triq Tas-Salib (Cross Street)
  • Triq Tas-Surġent (Surgent Street)
  • Triq Tax-Xulliel (Xulliel Road)
  • Triq Taż-Żrieraq (Zurrieq People Street)
  • Triq Wied Biljun (Billion Valley Road)
  • Triq Wied Simar (Simar Valley Road)

Streets at Ta' Kassja Area

  • Triq Anton Buttigieg (Anton Buttigieg Street)
  • Triq Ġanni Vella (John Vella Street)
  • Triq il-Barbaġann (Barbagann Street)
  • Triq il-Beata Adeodata Pisani (Blessed Adeodata Pisani Street)
  • Triq il-Virgi (Rods Street)
  • Triq in-Nigret (Nigret Road)
  • Triq it-30 ta' Ottubru, 1948 (30th October, 1948 Street)
  • Triq l-Isqof Baldassare Cagliares (Bishop Baldassare Cagliares Street)
  • Triq Salvu Attard (Saviour Attard Street)
  • Triq Ta' Kassja (Ta' Kassja Road)

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