Surge may refer to:

  • Surge (soft drink), a soft drink formerly made by The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Jerk or surge, the rate of change of acceleration in physics
  • Storm surge, the onshore gush of water associated with a low pressure weather system
  • Pyroclastic surge, the fluidized mass of turbulent gas and rock fragments ejected during some volcanic eruptions
  • Characteristic impedance, also known as surge impedance in electrical engineering
  • Voltage spike, short duration surges in electrical circuits
  • Compressor stall, also known as compressor surge in aviation
  • One of the linear degrees of freedom in engineering
  • Iraq War troop surge of 2007, the revised U.S. counter-insurgency strategy in the Iraq War
  • SURGE 1287AM, the student radio station of the University of Southampton
  • Surge Radio, an underground radio station from Lancaster, California
  • Surge (comics), a comic book character and mutant in the Marvel Universe
  • Glacial Surge, short-lived events where a glacier can move up to velocities 100 times faster than normal
  • Lt. Surge, a gym Leader in the Pokemon video games

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