FOX surf boat

The FOX, a surf boat, was especially built to be rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Custom built by Seaman Sea Skiffs of Branch port, NJ by William A. Seaman for George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen of Highlands, New Jersey the boat was named Fox for financial backer Richard Kyle Fox owner of the ‘pink tabloid’, Police Gazette.

Seaman was well known for building the seaworthy 'Nauvoo' Surf Boat and he built this custom boat with watertight compartments and hand rails on the keel, for righting the boat if capsized at sea. Little did Harbo and Samuelsen expect this feature would be used at least once in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during heavy seas.

Harold L. Seaman was the son of the boat builder who, as youngster backed-up most of the rivets and at age 91 reconstructed ‘from old photographs, shop records and memory, lines and measurements, correct within a fraction of an inch’ a full set of plans

In 1975 a replica of the Fox was built by the Long Branch Ice Boat and Yacht Club (LBIBYC) of New Jersey with the participation of Harold L. Seaman.

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