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Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands was a fantasy-based British children's television show on ITV between 1970 and 1972, created by Trevor Preston and Pamela Lonsdale and produced by Thames Television. The title, taken from the name of a Tarot card describes the principal character, called "Tarot" (played by Michael Mackenzie) who combined stage magic with supernatural powers. Tarot had a pet Owl named Ozymandias who was played by Fred The Owl.

Ace of Wands ran for two seasons of thirteen episodes and a third season of twenty. Many, if not all, of the first 26 episodes are believed to have been wiped, although the final season is intact. In the first two series Tarot was assisted by Sam Maxstead (Tony Selby), a reformed convict and Lillian Palmer known by her nickname, Lulli (Judy Loe) who was an orphan. Lulli shared a telepathic link with Tarot which enabled them to communicate over great distances. After they had to leave because of prior commitments, in the final series this pair were replaced by brother and sister Chas (Roy Holder) a photographer and Mikki (Petra Markham) a female journalist who played very similar roles, she also sharing a telepathic link with Tarot. A character named Mr Sweet (Donald Layne-Smith) who ran an antiquarian book shop often had the answer to Tarot's questions. Sweet was based in a university for the last series.

A DVD of all existing episodes has been released by Network UK in July 2007 and features a new documentary in 3 parts by Classic TV enthuisiasts and experts Andrew Pixley and Simon Coward.

The theme music, "Tarot" was written and performed by Andy Bown (now with Status Quo). It was available at the time as a single.


Season One (29 July to 21 October 1970)

Season Two (21 July to 13 October 1971)

Season Three (19 July to 29 November 1972)

  • The Meddlers - 3 episodes. New assistants Chas and Mikki live in a flat overlooking a street market which is under a curse and involved in this is Mockers (Barry Lineham) the local Prophet of Doom. Also - Paul Dawkins as Dove, Michael Standing as Spoon, Stephen Kalipah as Drum.
  • The Power of Atep - 4 episodes. Strange dreams after a meeting with medium John Pentacle (Sebastian Graham-Jones) leads Tarot and companions to Egypt where in Atep's tomb he encounters a High Priest (Michael Mulcaster) and double, Quabel. Also - Michael Rose as a Tramp, Fergus Wilson as Joe Dunlop.
  • Peacock Pie - 3 episodes. Mr Peacock (Brian Wilde) has the irresistible power of suggestion where torn strips of paper can become bank notes and people do things they do not want to do. Also - Jenny McCracken as Young Mrs. MacFadyean, Dorothy Frere as Mrs Macfadyean, Valarie Van Ost as the Manageress.
  • Mama Doc - 3 episodes. When one of Mr Sweet's colleagues vanishes, Tarot traces him to a bizarre Doll's Hospital where Mama Doc (Pat Nye) and assistant Bobby (Michael Mundell) change real people into dolls. Also - Robert Grange as Prof. Dorian, Wendy Hamilton as Posy Peagram, Ivor Roberts as Dr. MacDonald.
  • Sisters Deadly - 3 episodes. Chas returns from a photo assignment with no memory of the assignment or that he robbed a village post office which leads Tarot into a plot to kidnap a NATO Commander-in-Chief. Henrietta Rudkin as Mathilda Edginton, Bartlett Mullins as Postmaster, Sylvia Coleridge as Letty Edgington, James Bree as The Major.
  • The Beautiful People - 4 episodes. Two beautiful girls Dee (Susan Glanville) and Emm (Vivian Heilbron) refuse Mikki entrance to a small town fete which leads Tarot into an investigation of Extra Terrestrials with strange powers. Also - Edward Hammond as Jay, Kathleen Sainsbury as an Elderly Woman.

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