Supra, Inc.

Supra, Inc., previously known as Supra Corporation, were best known as manufacturers of modems for personal computers, but also produced a range of hardware for the Amiga, including SCSI controllers, memory boards, and processor accelerators.

The company was founded by John Wiley and Alan Ackerman. The two of them were friends in high school when they developed various computer hardware for the school's computers. Original of Albany Oregon, they later moved to Vancouver Washington.

Notable Dates

  • 1994 - Supra Purchases PSI Integration
  • 1994 - Supra Ships First 28.8 Modem
  • Supra Ships First Voice Modem
  • Supra Purchased by Diamond Multimedia
  • 1999 S3 Graphics purchases Diamond Multimedia


  • Supra Modems
  • Supra Voice Modems


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