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Super Star (سوبر ستار) is an Arabic television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol created by Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment & developed by Fremantle Media. The show unites the Arab community by democratically choosing the next singing sensation. The show is broadcast worldwide on Future TV, a Lebanese television station. Its also the first Idol franchise to feature contestants from multiple countries.

The show was a huge success. Ali Jaber, the executive manager of Future TV, was quoted as saying "This (program) is the most successful for an Arab television. There isn't a television program that moved the Arab world like that."

However, Superstar was eclipsed by rival show Star Academy on LBC in the Middle East, in terms of popularity and ratings, after only its first season. It has been surpassed by Star Academy as the number one Arab show, and doesn't move the Arab world the way it did during the first season.

SuperStar El Alaam

Diana Karazon participated alongside 10 other Idols in the 2 show mini-event World Idol, Diana placed equal 9th place with German SuperStar Alexander Klaws on 45 points. Diana performed the first radio single from her CD Super Star El Arab - Ensani Ma Binsak.

Diana received the following scores respectively:
UK awarded 4 points
Belgium awarded 1 point
Australia awarded 4 points
USA awarded 8 points
Arab world awarded 12 points (default award)
Poland awarded 1 point
The Netherlands awarded 1 point
Canada awarded 5 points
Germany awarded 6 points
Norway awarded 2 points
South Africa awarded 1 point

Super Star 2

Three new audition cities were announced - Tunisia, Bahrain & Paris, France while Algiers was dropped. Tonia Moreeb decided to quit after receiving bad comments about her judging skills in the previous season. She was replaced with music critic/agent Fadia Tanab. An amazing 83 contestants had advanced to the semi finals of Super Star 2, 81 ended up performing before 2 contestants each week would advance to become part of the Top 14 contestants. This series also offered a Wildcard show where it was revealed by the CEO of Future TV - Ali Jaber, that the Top 14 would become a Top 17 & that the Top 5 vote getters in the Wildcards would advance.

Ayman El Aatar from Janzour, Libya won the title of Super Star on August 23 2004, beating runner up Palestinian Ammar Hassan with a weighting of 54% to 46%.

It was revealed later that Ayman had missed the audition in Cairo, Egypt by one day & had one last chance to audition in Damascus, Syria.

Special guests

Super Star 3

The telecast of Super Star 3 was delayed after the assassination of Future TV Founder & Lebanese Prime Minister - Rafik Hariri, as the TV station went into mourning.

Super Star 3 is currently the longest Idol production ever with auditions beginning in Cairo on November 10 2004, with the program culminating on February 6, 2006.

Rania Kurdi did not want to renew her hosting position for Season 3, as a result Heba Sisi was hired for Season 3, but due to the lengthy hiatus over the Hariri murder, her contract prematurely ended before the semi finals had begun, leaving Ayman to host solo for the rest of the season.

Auditions took place in the following cities:

94 contestants advanced to the theatre round in Beirut. 6 from America, 4 from Australia, 21 from Lebanon, 8 from Egypt, 5 from Jordan, 9 from Syria, 32 from Tunisia & 5 from UAE.

The new semi final format from Denmark & America was similarly adopted this season whereby the Top 21 (10 male & 11 female) were placed in male & female groups with 5 contestants advancing to the Top 12.

The semi finalists of Super Star 3 are:
Samar Andeel (Egypt), Aida El Rahbani (Lebanon), Nancy Nasrallah (Lebanon), Rashel El Rasi (Lebanon), Hasna Zlagh (Morocco), Shahd Barmada (Syria), Asma Ben Ahmed (Tunisia), Asma Othmani (Tunisia), Fouzia El Betri (Tunisia), Olfa El Barhoumi (Tunisia), Yusra Hamzawi (Tunisia), Mohamed El Abd (Egypt), Mohamed Jamal (Egypt), Ahmed El Faleh (Iraq), Youssef Kazar (Iraq), Ibrahim Abd El Adheem (Libya), Hatem Adar (Morocco), Haitham El Shoumali (Palestine), Ibrahim El Hakami (Saudi Arabia), Anis Ltaief (Tunisia), Ayman Lseeq (Tunisia)

As of December 12 2005, the competition of Super Star has been delayed due to the assassination of Lebanese senator Gebran Tueni, the results show scheduled to air on Monday December 12 2005 will be included with the results due on Monday December 19 2005.

On January 15 2006, the competition was once again postponed due to the passing of another key political figure, Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The performance show was recorded on Tuesday & aired on Thursday January 19. The votes from this round will be combined with the performance show on January 22 with the elimination of 2 contestants.

On the evening of Monday February 6 2006, Ibrahim El Hakami from Saudi Arabia became the 3rd Super Star over Shahd Barmada with a 53% to 47% weighting. Along with the title of Super Star, Ibrahim also won a Ford Focus.

Finals elimination Chart

Date Bottom Four
November 28 Yusra Hamzawi
December 5 Samar Andeel Ahmed El Faleh Asma Ben Ahmed Ibrahim El Hakami
December 19 Asma Ben Ahmed (2) Hatem Adar
December 26 Ibrahim Abd El Adheem Asma Othmani Ibrahim El Hakami (2) Nancy Nasrallah
Date Bottom Three
January 2 Haitham El Shoumali Ibrahim El Hakami (3) Shahd Barmada
January 9 Nancy Nasrallah (2) Asma Othmani (2) Ayman Lseeq
January 23 Ahmed El Falh (2) Asma Othmani (3) Shahd Barmada (2)
January 30 Ayman Lseeq (2)
February 6 Shahd Barmada Ibrahim El Hakami

Special guests

Once again this season, special musical guests have been invited to the show to offer their support & critiques.

Super Star 4

Season 4 of Super Star was officially confirmed of the season 3 Grand Final.

On April 10 2006, the following audition cities were revealed on the official Future TV website:

(Sao Paulo, Brazil was to be included but scrapped at the last minute )

Auditions took place during September 2006 and the new season premiered on Future TV in late January 2007, one week after the premier of the sixth season of American Idol. The performance show airs on Sunday night with the results show on Monday night.

Special Guests:

Finals elimination Chart

Date Bottom Five
March 19 Elian Ba'ini Nada Omar Fadi Abd El Khaliq Youssef Bara Yusra Mahnoush
Date Bottom Four
March 26 Rawda Bin Abdallah Youssef Bara (2) Ahmad Hussein Mustafa Said
April 2 Mustafa Said (2) Ibrahim Ashri Nesma Kurdi Rihab Saleh
April 9 Youssef Bara (3) Ibrahim Ashri (2) Marwan Ali Nesma Kurdi (2)
April 16 Rihab Saleh (2) Ibrahim Ashri (3) Nesma Kurdi (3)
April 23 Fadi Abd El Khaliq (2) Nesma Kurdi (4) Ahmad Hussein (2) Yusra Mahnoush (2)
Date Bottom Three
April 30 Ibrahim Ashri (4) Ahmad Hussein (2) Rihab Saleh (3)
May 7 Rihab Saleh (4) Ahmad Hussein (3) Saad El Mjarred
Date Voted Off
May 14 Ahmad Hussein (4)
Date Top 3
May 28 Yusra Mahnoush (3)
June 4 Saad El Mjarred (2) Marwan Ali

Super Star 5

Auditions took place in the following cities:

Season 5 kicked off with the first episode on February 24, 2008
This year there were 3 big changes
-New female judge replacing Fadia who judged the 2nd, 3rd, and fouth season
-Wael Mansour (former contestant from SuperStar 2003) & Majdala Khatar now replace Ayman Qaissouni who hosted the first 4 seasons. -Results shows are no longer on Mondays, they are on Thursdays giving people 5 days to vote

This years Top 20 featured 9 females and 11 males
The Top 9 females performed on April 6 and Top 11 males performed on April 13
10 were chosen, and 9 of the remaining 10 came back for a Last Chance show on April 20th
One of the girls chose to drop out of the competition but did not state a reason
The Top 12 was completed on April 24

Future Television was forced into closing on May 9th, during the 2008 Lebanon conflict. After moving its broadcasting headquarters, the station was back on the air on May 13th at 4:30 p.m (Lebanese Local Time)

Special Guests:

Finals elimination Chart

Date Bottom Four
May 1 Abbas Ali Anoushka Moussa Aidross El Aidross Oumayma Taleb
May 8 Mohammad Jaafeel Asma Jabiri Anoushka Moussa (2) Oumayma Taleb (2)
May 29 Anoushka Moussa (3) Oumayma Taleb (3) Ibrahim Abdelmajeed Aidross El Aidross (2)
June 5 Oumayma Taleb (4) Aidross El Aidross (3) Dounia Lotfi Housam Tershishi
Date Bottom Three
June 12 Housam Tershishi (2) Aidross El Aidross (4) Ibrahim Abdelmajeed (2)
June 19 Aidross El Aidross (5) Mourad El Souiti Dounia Lotfi (2)
June 26 Dounia Lotfi (3) Diana Sharaneq Mourad El Souiti (2)
Date Voted Off
July 10 Diana Sharaneq (2) Asma El Jabri
July 17 Mourad El Souiti (3)
June 4 Ibrahim Abdelmajeed (3) Eli Bitar

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