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superhigh frequency

Super high frequency


Super high frequency (or SHF) refers to radio frequencies (RF) in the range of 3 GHz and 30 GHz. Also known as the centimeter band or centimeter wave as the wavelengths range from ten to one centimeters.


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an international civil organization established to standardized worldwide telecommunications, have stated that the superhigh frequency is encountered between 100 mm to 10 mm. Microwaves are part of this frequency, but also include ultra-high frequency (UHF) and extremely high frequency (EHF) signals. Super high frequency electromagnetic waves are relatively short for radio waves. This frequency is used for microwave devices, WLAN, most modern radars. The commencing Wireless USB technology will be using approximately 1/3 of this spectrum.


Some uses are IEEE 802.11a wireless LANs, satellite uplinks/downlinks and terrestrial high-speed data links which are sometimes referred to as "backhauls".

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