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Super Duper Sumos

Super Duper Sumos , produced by DiC Entertainment, was created by Kevin O'Donnell; the main plot was for the crimefighting sumo wrestlers to go on an adventure and fight using their buttocks. There were three sumo wrestlers called Booma(the somewhat child-like enthusiastic surfer-voiced sumo), Kimo(the Japanese, Zen-like sumo with a strict honor code) and Mamoo(the sensible, unofficial leader of the trio).

It was aired from 2002 to 2003 on Nickelodeon in the United States.

There is a video game for the series on the PlayStation (released 2004) and Game Boy Advance (released October 26, 2003).

A generic episode comprised of "Bad Inc" trying to destroy the city of Tokyo by numerously themed ways- although almost all of their plans involved giant monsters. The head of Bad Inc, Ms. Mister, usually assigned the in-house mad-scientist Stinger to create these evil monsters. At the end of each episode Ms. Mister fires Stinger for failing to create an unstoppable monster (although he always appears employed in the next episode, and is never actually fired). Every episode contained gratuitous use of the word "butt".

In every episode the three wrestlers "Sumo Size". This makes them stronger, more muscular and considerably larger. Each sumo has a characteristic move they use when "Sumo Sized", usually the three sumos initiate they attack one after another in the same order. Mamoo performs "Sumo Squeeze", which literally is a powerful squeeze of the enemy. Kimo attacks with "Honourable Thunderball", in which he spins towards the opponent like a bowling-ball and hits them in this fashion. Finally, Booma attacks from above using "Gluteus Maximus", in which he uses said muscle to squash the opponent.

Often in times of trouble the sumos undertake a flashback remembering something Wisdom San (their teacher) taught them. They also may get advice from Prima, who is the sumos' friend and encouraging sidekick who often follows them and acts the most sensible. Throughout the whole series, each sumo fights for their own cause (Booma - Peace/Kimo - Honour/Mamoo - Truth).


Spanish Cast

Episode list

Season 1

  • 1. Blue Monday
  • 2. The Seven Sumorai
  • 3. Basho Crasho Sumos
  • 4. The Incredible Shrinking Butt
  • 5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Sumos
  • 6. Eviction Conviction
  • 7. Beach Blanket Sumos
  • 8. Handle with Care
  • 9. Rest Area 51
  • 10. Car Yak'd
  • 11. Yak Derby
  • 12. Sumos on Ice
  • 13. Back to School

Season 2

  • 14. Fat to the Phuture
  • 15. Honour Thy Phather
  • 16. Sumos on a Fat Thin Roof
  • 17. No Lie Pie
  • 18. Pinch Me I'm Steaming
  • 19. To Serve and Neglect
  • 20. Santa's Big Fat Sumo
  • 21. Goth of Cool
  • 22. A Clock Work Sumo
  • 23. I'm Too Sexy for my Butt
  • 24. Miniature Golf Madness
  • 25. That was Zen This is Tao

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