Super Colossal

Super Colossal


Super Colossal is a 2006 album by instrumental rock solo artist Joe Satriani. It is his eleventh studio album recorded at Studio 21. It was also recorded at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, Canada (drums, some guitar, crowd chant).

Track listing

All songs by Joe Satriani.

  1. Super Colossal – 4:14
  2. Just Like Lightnin' – 4:01
  3. It's So Good – 4:14
  4. Redshift Riders – 4:49
  5. Ten Words – 3:28
  6. A Cool New Way – 6:13
  7. One Robot's Dream – 6:15
  8. The Meaning of Love – 4:34
  9. Made of Tears – 5:31
  10. Theme for a Strange World – 4:39
  11. Movin' On – 4:05
  12. A Love Eternal – 3:33
  13. Crowd Chant – 3:14

Super Colossal Podcast-

Note: "Crowd Chant" was originally called "Party On The Enterprise". "Party On The Enterprise" sampled sounds from the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek TV show. But, as Joe explained in the above podcast, legal issues couldn't get resolved and he was not able to get permission to use the samples. Satriani then removed the sounds from the song and called it "Crowd Chant."


  • The song Crowd Chant is used at Minnesota Wild home games when the Wild score a goal.


Chant and Clap Group: Max Sample, Adrian Underhill, David Martone, Colin Nairne, Mimi Northcott, Brad Colwell, Oless Pasichnyk, Clayton Lawrence, Tony Brinks, Tanis Keserich, Gordon Brown, Wendy Bird, Candice Johnson, Donna King, Lee Goddard, Peter Davyduck, Steve Brand, Danica Sawczuk, Bruce Morrison, Ian Jones, Aaron Pritchett, Nenah Barkley, Mitch Merrett, Todd Walsh, Jennifer Lactin, Davor Vulama, Don Kurek, Natasha Maher, Dean Maher, Jimmy Leslie, Mike Manning, Robin Nash, Jarrod Nestibo, and Jane Dittrich

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