SunUp was a once-a-week morning program that ran at Syracuse University's student-run tv station, UUTV, in the early 1990s. Its original talent included Dominick Pupa and Lori Geary as hosts, David Highfield and Wendy Tomasini as anchors, Jim Biddle on weather, and Erik Marino and Stacey Simms doing reviews of movies they rented. A cooking segment also ran from time to time.

SunUp aired "live" on the campus closed circuit The cast and crew generally stayed up all night on Wednesday preparing for the show, whose sole proven live viewer was the university cleaning lady responsible for cleaning the UUTV offices, where one of the few working campus closed circuit TV's was located. After the broadcast, the show would be taken to the local cable TV public access station, where it would air at 10 am.

The show also is notable for having launched the "broadcast" career of Erin Fehlau, who would eventually become known as the reporter who broke the story of George W. Bush's DWI conviction shortly before the 2000 presidential election.

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