Suited connectors

Suited connectors is a poker term referring to pocket cards that are suited and are close enough to each other that they can form a straight on the flop. For example: A♠ 3♠, Q♥ J♥, 5♦ 9♦ are all suited connectors because they can form a flush or a straight on the flop. A hand like A♠ 7♠ is not considered a suited connector because although it is suited, the cards together do not help form a straight. Suited connectors with no gap between them (Q♥ J♥) are referred to as no gap suited connectors. Suited connectors like A♠ 3♠ are considered one gap suited connectors since there is one gap between the two cards. You can also have two and three gap suited connectors, such as 3♠ 6♠ and 5♦ 9♦. In Texas hold'em, suited connectors play well against multiple players when they can see the flop for cheap. A player will generally not raise with them, because raising usually causes a few players to fold, decreasing the pot odds in the event of a straight or flush draw on the flop. However, a hand like ace-king suited might do well to raise because the cards will also work well if they pair, which is the more likely possibility, so the pot odds are less important.

Some people consider the definition of a suited connector as being only consecutive, suited cards. So in the examples above with this definition, only Q♥ J♥ would be considered a suited connector.

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