A suitcase is a somewhat flat rectangular-shaped bag with rounded corners, either hard plastic or soft or made of cloth, vinyl or leather that more or less keeps its shape. It has a carrying handle on one side and is used mainly for transporting clothes and other possessions during trips. It opens on hinges like a door. Suitcases lock with keys or a combination. Originally, suitcases were made of wool or linen.

Most modern suitcases have built-in small wheels enabling them to be pulled along on hard flat surfaces by a fixed or extendable handle or by a retractable or stowable leash. Suitcases are a type of luggage.

A smaller, firmer suitcase, used mainly for transporting papers and office supplies is known as a briefcase.

Airlines attach tags to luggage which is transported as checked luggage. (Such checked luggage is occasionally lost or delayed, a significant worry for travellers.) Due to current security concerns, checked luggage may be inspected and the security staff may confiscate belongings that are prohibited on-board aircraft.


Some suitcases include a telescopic handle and wheels.

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