Suess, Eduard, 1831-1914, Austrian geologist, b. London. He was a professor (1857-1901) at the Univ. of Vienna and served for more than 20 years in the Austrian parliament. He was an authority on structural geology, especially of mountains, and postulated the existence of the giant land mass Gondwanaland (see continental drift). His great work was Das Antlitz der Erde (5 vol., 1883-1901; tr. The Face of the Earth, 1904-24).
Suess is a small lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum. It is a circular, cup-shaped feature with a higher albedo than the surroundings. The closest significant crater is Reiner, about 150 kilometers to the west-northwest. The Lunar mare that surrounds the Suess crater is marked by the rays radiating from the Kepler crater to the east-northeast.

The long, sinuous rille named Rima Suess begins about 30 kilometers to the east of Suess, and winds its way in a generally north-northwesterly direction for a length of almost 200 kilometers.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Suess crater.

Suess Latitude Longitude Diameter
B 5.7° N 47.3° W 8 km
D 4.7° N 46.5° W 7 km
F 1.1° N 44.6° W 7 km
G 3.4° N 48.4° W 4 km
H 4.0° N 45.7° W 4 km
J 6.9° N 48.5° W 3 km
K 6.5° N 50.0° W 3 km
L 6.1° N 50.5° W 5 km


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