Sue, Eugène, 1804-57, French novelist, whose name was originally Marie-Joseph Sue. A surgeon in the French navy, he went into exile when Napoleon III came to power. Sue's popular and sensational tales of the Parisian underworld and slum life embraced humanitarian and reform ideals. Among them are Les Mystères de Paris (pub. serially, 1842-43; tr. The Mysteries of Paris, 1844) and Le Juif errant (1844-45; tr. The Wandering Jew, 1845).
Sue may refer to:

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Other uses

  • Sue, Fukuoka, a town in Japan
  • Mary Sue, a pejorative term for a cliché and usually idealized fictional character
  • name of the orange female ghost in the video game Ms. Pac-Man
  • Soo, a glove puppet character in the British children's television series Sooty
  • Sou, a gold coin issued by the Romans
  • Sue (dinosaur), specimen FMNH PR2081, the largest Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered

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