Marilyn Sudor (TV character)

Marilyn Sudor is a fictional character from the FOX drama Boston Public played by American actress Sharon Leal during the entire run.

Character History

Marilyn was the music instructor and an English teacher. Student storylines had her involved with the gang kid who Harry was covering for, with Jeremy Peters, who was being locked in the basement by his mother, and later with Aisha, (Tamyra Gray) a young talented singer who needed to break up with her abusive boyfriend. Marilyn admitted in Season 3 that she too had been in an abusive relationship (with an ex husband who showed up for an annulment in Season 4). One of the most attractive teachers in the school, Marilyn was often the listed as the teacher the "boys most wanted to sleep" with in a yearly student poll.

Romantically, Marilyn joined with Scott to take some dancing lessons but was quick to assert that they were going to just be friends. She dated a basketball coach who turned out to be in coaching to advance his college coaching chances.

In the final season, she began dating Steven, and their romance became public after a student facing suspension for kissing Marilyn at a scholarship awards ceremony threatened to go before the school board because he felt that he was suspended for kissing the principal's girlfriend; eventually, Steven agreed to reduce the student's punishment so that it would not cause him to lose his scholarship or hurt his college application process. Marilyn was also involved in many of the musical numbers the show employed, singing at school concerts, doing a singing trio with Louisa and Marla and working with young musicians. She was known for being by the book, compassionate straight forward, but also a rather enigmatic and sort of was a utility player a lot of the time.

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