[suhd-ber-ee, -buh-ree]
Sudbury, city (1991 pop. 92,884), central Ont., Canada. It is the center of Canada's largest mining region, which produces much of the world's nickel and large quantities of copper, platinum, gold, silver, cobalt, and sulfur. Laurentian Univ. (1960) is there.
Sudbury, town (1990 pop. 14,358), Middlesex co., E Mass.; inc. 1639. Electrical and electronic equipment is manufactured. The tavern (built 1686; restored) that was the scene of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn is there, as well as a working restored gristmill.
Sudbury may mean:

Places in Canada:

  • Greater Sudbury, Ontario (official name; the city continues to be known simply as Sudbury for most purposes)

*Sudbury (electoral district), one of the city's federal electoral districts
*Sudbury (provincial electoral district), one of the city's provincial electoral districts

Places in England:

*Sudbury (UK Parliament constituency), the town's former electoral constituency

Places in the United States:

These should not be confused with places named 'Sunbury'.

Sudbury may also refer to:

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