Pneumodermatidae is a family of sea angels, or small floating predatory sea snails or sea slugs. They are pelagic marine heterobranch opisthobranch gastropod mollusks in the order Gymnosomata.

These small pelagic snails lack a shell (except in their early embryonic stage). They are carnivores, equipped with swimming parapoda (fleshy, winglike outgrowths), strong jaws and grasping tentacles, often with suckers resembling those of Cephalopods.

A more comprehensive discussion can be found under the entry sea angel.

Genera and species within the family Pneumodermatidae

Genus: Pneumoderma de Roissy, 1805

Genus: Pneumodermopsis Keferstein, 1862

Genus Schizobrachium Meisenheimer, 1903

Genus Spongiobranchaea d'Orbigny, 1836

Genus Abranchaea Zhan Fu-Sui, 1975

Genus Platybrachium Minichev, 1976


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