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Survivor Sucks (aka Sucks) is an internet forum located in the Yuku message board system. The slogan for Survivor Sucks is "Outspoil, Outbump, Outflame," a parody of "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast." There are various forums where users freely spoil (which in this context means to reveal the outcome before the show airs), discuss and ridicule the reality television show Survivor as well as other reality television programs such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, American Idol, The Apprentice and any "Other Show That Sucks." In 2006 the website expanded its reach into non-reality programming when a forum for the ABC TV series Lost was opened.


The board takes its name from the earliest incarnation of the website, which was a spinoff of the website, which is now known as (Originally known as All of these websites were created in the spring of 2000 to lampoon the television series Survivor during its first U.S. season. . When the original site's servers buckled under the heavy traffic at the beginning of the second season, the site's creator and owner, Paul Sims (known by the moniker "DogStalker") , moved the Sucks discussion forums to ezboard on February 14, 2001. Sims no longer handles the daily affairs of the board, having divided control among a handful of appointed administrators. However, he remains the system owner of record and occasionally makes an appearance. On August 9, 2007, the site moved to Yuku, ezboard's new message board system, retaining all of its existing data. With the move to Yuku the URL was set to redirect to the Yuku based community, which was not possible when the board ran on ezboard.

SurvivorSucks serves as a central gathering point for Survivor's "spoiler" internet subculture, which is devoted to predicting, or "spoiling", the outcome of each season. Prior to Survivor, the board "Reality Sucks" had focused upon the ridicule of MTV reality shows such as The Real World. What would become, originated as a separate forum on "Reality Sucks."

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