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Cat Rapes Dog

Cat Rapes Dog is a Swedish electropunk-, ebm- and heavy metal band, formed in 1984 by Joel Rydström and Magnus Fransson.


Cat Rapes Dog started out in the mid 80s with some demo releases. and made their debut with the EP "Columna Vertebralis" in 1989, becoming the first hard Swedish electronic act.

Annelie Bertilsson joined the band for their 12" "Fundamental" in 1990 and soon became a regular member of the group.

The group reached a peak with their "Moosehair Underwear" which was mostly mixed and mastered by Jürgen Engler and Chris Lietz at Atom H (Die Krupps HQ).

During the creation of the follow up album "Biodegradable" in 1995 the band went through some turmoil when singer Joel quit unexpectedly. They were in the process of integrating Laszlo Hago as their new lead vocalist but he did not work out, thus the band went on hiatus for a few years.

"Biodegradable" saw the arrival of guitarist Jonas Awertoft that has become more or less a regular member of the band since then. An EP called "Fuck Nature" was released with more unreleased tracks from the "Biodegradable"-era (thus still including some of the vocal work of Joel).

In 1998 the band returned with a new regular singer John Wreibo and the album "The Secrets Of God". Gone where much of the distorted vocals but the guitars made their appearance well noted still. They soon followed up this album with the album "People As Prey" in 1999.

The band continued touring to support these two last albums.



  • Cat Rapes Dog (1986, MC)
  • Nekronomikon (1987, MC)
  • Property Produces Bodily Injury (1987, MC)
  • Maximum Overdrive (1989)
  • God, Guns & Gasoline (1990)
  • Superluminal (1991)
  • Schizophrenia (1993)
  • Moosehair Underwear (1993)
  • Biodegradable (1995)
  • Fuck Nature (1995)
  • More Than You Bargained For (1995)
  • The Secrets of God (1998)
  • People As Prey (1999)

Singles and EPs

  • Columna Vertebralis (1989)
  • Down & Out (1998)
  • American Dream 7" (1990)
  • Chuckahomo Bridge 12" (1990)
  • Fundamental 12" (1990)
  • Madman / True Love 7" (1990)
  • I Sometimes Wish I Was Famous (1991) (A Swedish Depeche Mode cover album: CRD collaborates with one track: "Something to Do" in which they altered some of the lyrics.)
  • The Banzai Beats (1991)
  • Superluminal (1991)
  • Trojan Whores (1992)
  • Moosewear (1993)
  • Nej till EU (1994)
  • Sucking Dry (1994)
  • Motörhead Tribute (1995)
  • Motorman (1998)
  • Workers of The World (1998)


During the new millennium some demo songs have emerged and some concerts have been played. They are still set to make a new release.


Cat Rapes Dogs remix a song from the latest Sara Noxx MCD 2008 the CD Single is : Sara Noxx feat. Project Pitchfork - Earth Song the 5th remix on the CD is Sara Noxx feat. Project Pitchfork : earth song (cat rapes dogs all hail ishar mix)

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