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...So, Were They in Some Sort of Fight?

...So, Were They in Some Sort of Fight? is the last release by A Minor Forest, released on Oct 5, 1999 by the My Pal God label.

Track listing

Disc 1:

  1. "No One Likes an Old Baby"
  2. "Fatal Wound"
  3. "Cocktail Party"
  4. "...So, Were They in Some Sort of Fight?"
  5. "Three Long Piles"
  6. "Putting the Gay Back in Reggae"
  7. "Five Bucks on Pump Number Seven"
  8. "Wussy"
  9. "Intercontinental Stalker (And So Does the Wolf Whistle)"
  10. "Disco Party"
  11. "The Ball Window"

Disc 2:

  1. "John Gets Leftovers Again"
  2. "Well Swayed"
  3. "(Talking to the) Man From Lusk"
  4. "Fuck the Hours"
  5. "Fatal E's (Dave Cerf remix)"
  6. "Water Song"
  7. "Armigh Is a Hovercraft"
  8. "Speed for Gavin (As Interpreted by J Lesser)"
  9. "Lady"
  10. "The Convent"
  11. "Shaggy Parasol"

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