[suhb-loo-ner-ee, suhb-loo-nuh-ree]
Sublunary is a webcomic by Reena Smith and Sarah Terry hosted on Comic Genesis. The comic features a post-apocalyptic and dystopian plot as well as explicit yaoi scenes. It is drawn in a Japanese style. Sublunary has been used as an example of the yaoi subculture on the Internet. The comic has been on hiatus since November 2005 and shows no hope of rebirth. The comic updated three coloured pages per-week, and while it was updating was frequently ranked in the top 10 of all Comic Genesis sites. The comic was mentioned as part of the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards special "In Memoriam" segment, alongside comics such as Roomies!, Greystone Inn, Lick My Jesus, Sex Puppies, and Grrmonkeys from Suburbia.

After a time with no news the comic was reported to have transferred entirely into Reena Smith's hands due to abandonment by the artist, Sarah Terry.

The comic was also given its own soundtrack by a fan, Dark Pop Girl, who composed several original pieces.


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