Margarella fulminata

Margarella fulminata is a species of marine gastropod mollusc in the family Trochidae, the top shells.


This top shell is endemic to New Zealand's Chatham Islands.


It is found intertidally and in shallow water, on seaweed.

Shell description

The shell is small, solid, subglobose, with a broadly subangulate periphery, only slight expansion of the last whorl, and a deep narrow umbilicus, half covered by the columellar callus.

The colour pattern is variable, mostly zigzag lined or streaked in reddish-brown on a cream ground. Often the cream areas resolve into subsutural, peripheral, and basal intermittent zones. The interior of the aperture is iridescent.

The maximum shell height is 8.5 mm, and width 8.5 mm.


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