This article is about a golf rule. See Matthew "Stymie" Beard for the Our Gang actor and character and for the racehorse, see Stymie (horse).

A stymie refers to an archaic rule in the game of golf.

In singles match play when one player's ball blocked the path of another player's ball on the green, but were not within six inches of each other, the obstructing player's ball was not lifted.

Instead the player who was furthest away from the hole had to attempt to slice or draw their putt around the obstacle ball. Sometimes a player would even attempt to chip their ball over the opponent's ball into the cup.

If the player failed, even hitting their opponent's ball, their next shot would have to be played from where their ball now lay. If contact happened, the player's opponent, when it was their turn to play, had the choice to take their putt from their ball's original position or its new lie.

Likewise if the player's ball knocked the obstructing ball into the cup, their opponent was considered to have holed out.

The stymie was removed from the rule book in 1952.

The Stymies

The Stymies are the second men's golf team of Cambridge University. The team colours are dark green, light blue and red. Team members themselves are renowned for their obscure interpretation of a stymie, a position in the game of golf eliminated from the rules in 1952. The current Stymies ethos is best summarised under their motto Golf, cervisa et historia purus. During a hearty lunch between rounds, any Stymie (or consenting opponent) who finds himself with more than one drink in front of him is required to polish off the glass containing the largest volume of alcohol. If you happen to have more than one drink in front of you at any point, you are considered to have been 'stymied'. Stymie-ing can occur in multiples. Golf-based hilarity ensues.

During the golf Varsity Match, The Stymies play their corresponding team at Oxford University, The Divots.

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