Bratz: Starrin & Stylin'

Bratz: Starrin & Stylin is a 2004 direct-to-video release by 20th Century Fox. It is a animated movie and has no rating. "Bratz, the video" was released on the DVD and VHS formats on August of that year.


Bratz, the video stars Bratz characters Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade, along with Cameron and Dylan. The group of girls is getting ready for prom night.

Just as prom night was approaching, their art teacher decided to assign them to a project where they have to express themselves. Asked by the girls to give them extra time for the project, the professor denied the girls' petition, thus presenting them with a dilemma: Get prepared for prom night, or make a project that will count for 25 percent of their yearly grade.

They each have different talents;, for example, Yasmin likes literature and Jade likes fashion. Because of that, they decided to borrow a school video camera, so that they can express their art side together by shooting a video and explaining their points of view about the types of arts they enjoy.

Problems begin to arise when Cloe crashes her car, and Cameron, an expert mechanic, is hired to fix the car in time.

More problems followed when the school's local newsletter starts to spread gossip about the girls, exposing their inner secrets. The columns are written by a ghost writer, therefore, an element of mystery remains as to who is spreading rumors about them. They blame Cameron and Dylan, but when an article appears about Jade, they figure it was not them and apologize to the boys.

As it turned out, it was Yasmin who was writing the columns, as a ghost writer. When she confesses to the rest of the girls, they get mad at her. Yasmin, however, apologizes and explains that people used to comment that her column was boring, and that, after she spread gossip about people around school, those who knew she was the ghost writer made her feel important, so the rest of the girls forgave her.

On prom night, another series of problems arose, such as the hired cooks not arriving on time due to a traffic jam, and Sasha got an opportunity to put her artistic talents on display; she solved the latest problematics by making a disco ball work, setting up balloons everywhere, and turning an empty room into a dance hall.

After their video, which included the prom night dance, was shown to their art professor, he gave the four girls an A plus grade on the project.


Reviewer Colin Jacobson said: "If you watch Season Four of The Simpsons, you’ll find a great episode in which Bart and Lisa write Itchy and Scratchy shorts. They eventually get an award nomination, and they go up against an episode of Action Figure Man called "How to Buy Action Figure Man". That’s how I felt as I watched Bratz. From start to finish, the show demonstrated absolutely no reason to exist other than to push products. The paper-thin plot exists for one reason: to put the girls in as many situations - and as many outfits - as possible. All those situations and outfits exist for one reason: to showcase all of the totally awesome toys the target audience can immediately go out and purchase.....From the predictable and bland plot to the one-dimensional characters to the stiff and unappealing animation, this flick was a total dud."

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