Morglum Necksnapper

Morglum Necksnapper is a Black Orc character in the Warhammer Fantasy setting and a general of Orc & Goblin armies in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game.

Black Orcs originate in the East; in the Dark Lands and the Mountains of Mourn. Some Black Orc tribes have undertaken the long and difficult journey into the west, where they have conquered Orc and Goblin tribes. One of these is the Necksnappers under their chieftain Morglum.

Black Orcs are strong and silent and able to keep order among other Orcs with ease. Morglum is particular succint; renowned for his short, to the point, battle cries and terse tactical observations. At the Battle of Death Pass where he led an army of Black Orcs, Orcs and Goblins to victory over a Bretonnian army, he made his famous pronouncement "Let 'em tell da King. Da east belongs to da Orcs. Da east belongs to Morglum. Da east is green."

Morglum rides a boar into battle. So well trained is it that he can use both hands to wield axes rather than needing one to rein it in. He wears "Bulak's Bloody Armour" which is tainted with orc blood (Bulaks mostly) that will not wash off. It is rumoured that the spirit of the Bulak is part of it, eager for revenge.

The only good stunty is a dead stunty; and the only thing better than a dead stunty is a dyin' stunty wo tells yer where to find 'is mates.

in the most recent edition of Warhammer armies Orcs and Goblins there is no mention of the studio campaign ran in the mid 90's in which an alliance of Chaos Dwarves and Morglum defeated an enormous Empire army at the Gathering of might. At the conclusion of this campaign Morglum was killed by Deathclaw and his army routed after defeat at the bridge of doom, they did however raze Talabheim and this has been left out of recent fluff.

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