stunt people

The Stunt People

The Stunt People are a San Francisco based group of martial artists and filmmakers who make both shorts and feature-length movies. They are arguably the best known of their kind and have been mentioned on the Kung Fu Cinema website. While they have specialized mostly in shorts, The Stunt People have been moving in the direction of making longer films. Their first "real" film was Undercut (2004), which is a ninja themed political satire about outsourcing. Contour and Immortal'' are their two newest films.

Team Members

  • Eric Jacobus
  • Dennis Ruel
  • Ed Kahana
  • Ray Carbonel
  • Andy Leung
  • Vlad Rimburg
  • Tyler Wang
  • Cosmo Rettig
  • Donovan McKendrick
  • Stephen Reedy
  • Gavin Merrick
  • Chelsea Steffensen
  • Nathanial Pierson
  • Troy Carbonel
  • Steve Yu
  • Nick Mastorianni
  • Ben Z Brown
  • Jake Evinger
  • Yasu Fujiwara
  • Scott Wu
  • Shaun Finney
  • Nathan Hoskins

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