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Xavier Institute student body

The Xavier Institute is a fictional school which has been a key establishment in the X-Men mythos since its inception. Over the years, its student body has evolved and expanded. Until recently the general public lived under the pretense that they were merely students at Xavier's exclusive academy and kept their mutant nature a secret from the outside world. Recent events have lifted the veil of secrecy and the mutant nature of the Xavier Institute has become public knowledge. Where once there were only a handful of mutants living and studying at the school, there were just over 100 students enrolled after the school went public. When Cyclops and Emma Frost took over the school, most of these students were assigned to small squads with a mentor. The repercussions of M-Day have left many students without their superhuman powers. The depowered students have left the Institute, leaving about two dozen students. The squads have been disbanded.

After the Messiah Complex and the school being attacked by numerous assailants, Cyclops shuts the school down.

Xavier Institute Staff

Former staff members

Student body

The Xavier Institute student body has been numerous in size over the years, this does not include the students at the Massachusetts Academy or the wards of X-Factor. Since the closure of the school after the Messiah Complex, the student body currently does not exist. Since the closure, the whereabouts of most of the current students is unknown, with the exception of Blindfold, Dust, Ink, Greymalkin, Wolf Cub and Rockslide who are all part of the Young X-Men.

Original X-Men

First group of students trained by Charles Xavier. Most of the original students graduated, with the exception of Bobby Drake who was a year younger. The majority of the X-Men since then have been adults and not students (with the notable exception of Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde) and Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)).

Original New Mutants

The original New Mutants were the second group of students trained by Charles Xavier. Other teachers include Magneto and Cable.

Special class

When he joined the Xavier Institute faculty, Xorn was assigned a “special class” of students. These students included those with special educational needs that required some remedial study. These kids were also among the more socially awkward students at the Institute. When Dust joined the school, she was assigned due to the trauma she had experienced and a need to adjust to Western culture.

Omega Gang

The Omega Gang was formed by Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega. Quentin was already one of a handful of students who challenged authority and actively questioned the philosophies behind Xavier's dream. When he learned that he was adopted, Quentin had an identity crisis. He used the power-enhancing drug Kick and adopted a hairstyle and mode of dress that mimicked an artist's rendering of mutant oppressors that appeared in a newspaper on the day he was born. He gathered together other like-minded students and together they perpetrated a series of hate crimes against humans in Salem Center. They then made a move against the Institute by holding Professor Xavier hostage and instigating a riot during the school's Open Day ceremonies. The Omega Gang was defeated through the combined efforts of the Stepford Cuckoos and the X-Men. Quentin evolved into a non-corporeal entity and is dormant in Hank McCoy's laboratory. The remaining members of the Omega Gang are serving time in prison.

  • Glob Herman - Glob Herman was injured after setting himself aflame and going on a rampage. When he recovered from these injuries, he was sent to a human jail to atone for the crimes he committed as a member of the Omega Gang.
  • Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) - Following his defeat by the Stepford Cuckoos, Quentin underwent a physical transformation as the next stage in his evolution. This left him a disembodied psychic entity that was contained in Henry McCoy's laboratory
  • Radian (Christian Cord) - Radian was sent to a human jail to atone for the crimes he committed as a member of the Omega Gang; Depowered as a result of M-Day. Current member of the New Warriors under the name Phaser.
  • Redneck (Vincent Stewart) - Redneck was sent to a human jail to atone for the crimes he committed as a member of the Omega Gang; Depowered as a result of M-Day. Current member of the New Warriors under the name Skybolt
  • Tattoo (Christine Cord) - Tattoo was sent to a human jail to atone for the crimes she committed as a member of the Omega Gang; Depowered as a result of M-Day. Former member of the New Warriors under the name Longstrike; She was killed by Cancer.

Alpha Squadron

Alpha Squadron was advised by former Alpha Flight member, Jean-Paul Beaubier, thus the name Alpha Squadron. When Northstar was killed by Wolverine, the squad was assigned a new advisor, Xi'an Coy Manh. The squad's colors are white and charcoal grey with red accents.


The Hellions are one of the more prominent squads at the Xavier Institute and have recently won the first Field Day competition. They are advised by the Institute's headmistress, Emma Frost and named after her group of students. Several members of this squad had other faculty advisors before requesting to be transferred to Emma's group. The squad's colors are red and white with black accents.


Little has been revealed about Cyclops' squad, The Corsairs. They were named after Cyclops' father, Christopher Summers who goes by the name Corsair as a member of the intergalactic adventurers known as the Starjammers. The squad's colors are blue and white.


The Paragons are one of the many six-member squads formed to facilitate the training and development of the older students at the Xavier Institute. The Paragons were originally advised by Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane. When it was revealed that Rahne had been romantically involved with a student, she opted to leave the Institute. Since her departure, the squad has been overseen by Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma. Magma was brought in by Dani Moonstar to replace Wolfsbane as advisor. The squad's colors are green and black with red accents.

New Mutants

The New Mutants are, like the Hellions, one of the more prominent squads in the institute. The squad was taught by Danielle Moonstar, who is the guardian New Mutant member Elixir. After M-Day, she, along with others at the school, were depowered and forced out of the premises, leaving the squad without a teacher. The squad's colors are yellow and sliver with blue accents.

Gambit's squad

Little is known about the individual members of Gambit's squad. Gambit's squad had only five students. Most wear modified versions of the standard X-Men training uniform while Foxx was given a more individual costume. The name of Gambit's squad was not established.

Storm's squad

Little is known of Storm's squad. Only one student on her squad has been revealed as having retained their powers after the events of M-Day.

Lower School

Only students over the age of fifteen are inducted as part of a training squad. Those students who are too young to participate in this level of training are taught in the Institute's "Lower School". Since the younger students in the Lower School have not yet been assigned to training squads, they likely do not have assigned codenames yet either. These students are all currently advised by Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma. Karma also serves as the Institute's librarian.

  • Jeffrey Garrett - He was killed during the destruction of the Xavier Institute but remained as a ghost thanks to his secondary mutation. He vanished due to the loss of his powers during M-Day.
  • Leong Coy Manh - Younger brother of Karma
  • Nga Coy Manh - Younger sister of Karma
  • Carter Ghazikhanian - Son of the former nurse/love interest of Havok, Annie Ghazikhanian. Left with his mother when she thought the school was too dangerous.

Other students and wards of the Xavier Institute

The following students have been clearly depicted as attending the Xavier Institute since it re-opened, but their squad affiliation has not been revealed. Some of these students may be a part of the Lower School or members of squads that have not been fully revealed, such as the Beast's Exemplars or Iceman's Excelsiors. Some are mutants, but not students, that have taken refuge at Xavier's.

  • Aero (Melody Guthrie) - Sister of Sam and Paige Guthrie; Depowered
  • Amanda Masterson - possibly depowered
  • Amoeba (Linus Sinker) - turns into amorphous blob; possibly depowered.
  • Wild Dog (Andy Lyon) - taken out by X-Men on Halloween, saved a young girl from kidnappers, but then shunned due to appearance; possibly depowered.
  • Armor (Hisako Ichiki) - Currently a member of the X-Men
  • Aurelie Sabayon - Depowered
  • Blindfold (Ruth Aldine) - Currently a member of Young X-Men
  • Carlo DeSantos - Possibly Depowered
  • Carter Spencer - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered.
  • Connor Lauglin - severe combined immunodeficiency, powers discovered when mentally linked up with Rogue and Rachel Grey, trained/treated by Beast; possibly depowered.
  • Devon Von Trapp - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered.
  • Ellison "Ell" Laurie - friend of Ruth, taken in and captured by Poppa and the Underground, freed by Magneto; possibly depowered.
  • Eosimias (Blake Peach) - Possibly Depowered.
  • Esme Cuckoo - Deceased
  • Eugene Quinn - Possibly Depowered
  • Eve Adamson - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered.
  • Forearm (Hadley Lavigne) - Depowered
  • Frank Ahuriri - wrote simple rhyming poem "She's My Flower"; possibly depowered.
  • Frida Culp - Possibly Depowered
  • Germaine Kendall - He had flame powers but was killed during riots at Salem Center
  • Gloom (Oliver Huck) - Depowered
  • Greg Ellis - He had flight powers and spots on his forearms; possibly depowered.
  • Greymalkin - a former student; current member of the Young X-Men
  • Hydro (Kelly Adams) - accidentally drowned himself after losing his powers due to M-Day<.
  • Ink (Eric Gitter) - Current member of the Young X-Men
  • Irina von Strand - Depowered
  • Jacob Walker - powers progressed out of control until he vanished, spent last hours watching a sunrise with Kitty Pryde.
  • Jaime Vanderwall - writing career encouraged by Beast, became irate with him after being rejected from college; possibly depowered.
  • James Louis "Jim" Prindle - twin brother of Joe, who was human, used powers to accumulate wealth which he squandered, came to Joe for a handout after lost powers; Depowered
  • Jane Lin - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered.
  • Jeb O'Connell - romantic interest of Anne Moore; possibly depowered
  • Jenna Tan - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered.
  • Josette Francks - Genoshan refugee; wife of Robert Francks, attempted to seduce Angel and Iceman; possibly depowered
  • Julie Blake - mentioned as members of the flying class; possibly depowered
  • Kato Anishiwa - was an Imperial Guardsman posing as a student.
  • Kate "Katie" Kirk - she had insect legs and was a "friend" of Anne Moore; possibly depowered
  • Koren Lake - possibly depowered
  • Longneck (Timothy Ruck) - Depowered, deceased after depowering, his neck having snapped
  • Marie Jennifer D'Ancanto - a human whose family was killed by mutants; she was forced to sell her home to X-Corp so tried to blow up the Mermaid bar, stopped by X-Men; and enrolled in the Xavier Institute; she is now the ward of Evangeline Whedon.
  • Melissa Brown - possibly depowered
  • Molly Halliwell - tentacles on lower half of body; possibly depowered.
  • Nancy Love - mentioned as members of the flying class; possibly depowered
  • Noah Patriksen - mentioned as Julian's lab partner; possibly depowered
  • Rebecca "Becky" McGuire - mentioned as members of the flying class; possibly depowered
  • Robert Francks - Genoshan refugee; Josette's husband, attacked Iceman when Josette tried to seduce him; amorphous body, superhuman strength; possibly depowered.
  • Silicon (Chip Jankins) - Frictionless surface powers; depowered
  • Skywalker (David Smiler) - Depowered
  • Slick (Armand Whitewater) - projected illusion of normal looking form until disrupted by Quentin Quire, dated Tattoo; Charismatic, project illusion; Depowered
  • Sophie Cuckoo - Deceased
  • Spencer Bronson - son of Anthony Bronson; used his powers to control his father until he convinced him to let him go to Xavier's for training after being subdued by Forge and Mystique; Three eyes (one on forehead), he could manipulate men; possibly depowered.
  • Spike Neeson; he had spikes on his skin; possibly depowered
  • Susan Fox - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered
  • Tantra (Reuben Alexander Porter) - Elephantine form, manipulate emotions of others; possibly depowered
  • Tearjerker (Anne Moore) - became violent with friend Katie when she told her secrets to Jeb; possibly depowered.
  • Tito Bohusk - son of Beak and Angel Salvadore; only member of his family to retain his powers.
  • Thomas "Tommy" Marley - taken out by X-Men on Halloween; possibly depowered
  • Walter Schmidt-Crane - wheelchaired human exchange student from Empire State University; whereabouts unknown.
  • Wing (Edward "Eddie" Jackson) - powers neutralized by Ord; apparently committed suicide afterward in the Danger Room
  • Winston Evans - possibly depowered
  • X-23 (Laura Kinney) - Currently a member of X-Force
  • Zach Walters - He could merge objects or beings; depowered

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