KXPT is a commercial radio station located in Las Vegas, Nevada, broadcastiing on 97.1 FM. KXPT airs a classic rock music format branded as "97.1 The Point".


Through the 1970s 97.1 was known as KORK-FM and aired a mostly instrumental easy listening format. In 1983 they changed call letters to KEER. A year latter in 1984 they switched formats to Top 40 KYRK Y-97.In the late 80's, early 90's they changed the slogan to POWER 97. Some of the KYRK DJs included Pat Garret, Anthony Miles, Rob Holiday, Shaun St John, Johnny West, Don "Action" Jackson, Zappo "The Love Puppy", Marty "The Stud Muffin", Les "The Party Animal", Bobby "The Bear" Mitchell, Tony "The Boss Man" Arias, Todd "The Hitman" O'Hara, Dean Roberts, Harmon and Holiday, Mike Fox, Greg Spin, and The J Man. The station was also famous for the "Tookie-Tookie bird" which was their cue to call in and win prizes. The bird appeared at local events, and was mocked on an episode of Cheap Seats which featured the mascot appearing at a 1986 International Roller Derby event televised by ESPN at the Showboat Hotel & Casino.

In 1993 Lotus broadcasting purchased the station and switched call letters and format to KXPT (The Point). For the first four and a half years the Point aired a AAA format, originally breaking artists like Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Jewel and many more now contemporary artists. Original Point DJs included Mike Fox, Chris Foxx, Rob Landry and JD (from Lotus' KOMP, "JD Pig") In 1997 they shifted to the Classic Hits format and in 2005 they officially became a Classic Rock format. In 2007 they became the only Classic Rock station in the Las Vegas Metro as KKLZ changed to the Classic Hits format.

The signal is also rebroadcast on 98.9 in the city.

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