Stuart, Arabella

Stuart, Arabella

Stuart or Stewart, Arabella, 1575-1615, cousin of James I of England (James VI of Scotland). She was the daughter of Charles Stuart, earl of Lennox, younger brother of Lord Darnley, and her descent from Henry VIII's sister Margaret Tudor placed her next after James in the line of succession to Elizabeth I of England. Many argued that her title was preferable to that of James because she was born on English soil. Her marriage was prevented in Elizabeth's reign, but after James's accession (1603) to the English throne, Arabella secretly married (1610) William Seymour (later marquess of Hertford), who was also of royal descent. They were arrested and imprisoned but escaped; however, Arabella was recaptured (1611) and died in the Tower of London.

See biographies by P. Handover (1957) and I. McInnes (1968).

Arabella Churchill (23 February 164830 May 1730) was the mistress of King James II, and the mother of four of his children (surnamed FitzJames Stuart, that is "son of James Stuart"). Arabella was the child of Sir Winston Churchill (an ancestor of the Prime Minister of the same name) and Elizabeth Drake.

An older sister of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, she began her relationship with James, then Duke of York, around 1665, while he was still married to Anne Hyde. Arabella became the duchess's lady-in-waiting in that year, and gave birth to two children during Anne's lifetime. Their affair continued after James's marriage to Mary of Modena in 1673, and produced two more children. Some time after 1674, she married Charles Godfrey and had three more children.

Children with James II of England

Children with Charles Godfrey

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