stroke of bad luck

7 Years of Bad Luck

7 Years of Bad Luck is the debut album from North Carolina Hip Hop artist Supastition. The title references his struggles in the music industry. The release was praised for strong lyricism, but criticized for weak production.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Intro" Freshchest Prose Supastition
2 "Live Like Dat" Hood Supastition
3 "Celebration Of Life" Freshchest Prose Supastition
4 "Da Waiting Period" Hood Supastition
* "Soul Interlude #1" Soul *Instrumental*
5 "Body Language" Freshchest Prose Supastition
6 "Best Of Life" Equinox Supastition
7 "That'z Muzik" Freshchest Prose Supastition
* "Soul Interlude #2" Soul *Instrumental*
8 "Crown Me !" Equinox Supastition
9 "Mixed Emotionz" Sarcastic Supastition
10 "The Trademark" Sarcastic Supastition
* "Soul Interlude #3" Soul *Instrumental*
11 "Fallen Star" Sarcastic Supastition
12 "Hip Hop vs. Life" Eagleman Supastition
13 "2nd Name" Sarcastic Supastition, Equinox, Seven
14 "Dreamland" Double S Supastition
* "Mixed Emotionz [Remix]" Freshchest Prose Supastition

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