[Ger. shtroi-zuhl-koo-khuhn; Eng. stroo-zuhl-koo-khuhn, -kuhn, stroi-]

Streuselkuchen (crumb cake) is a German speciality. Traditionally it is made of a yeast dough covered with crumbs. The main ingredients for the crumbs are flour, sugar and butter.

The recipe originated from Silesia, a province that is nowadays in Western Poland, but the cake is found everywhere today. Many variants are prepared, with fillings such as creme and fruits, or using a shortening-based dough.

It may be spelled in many variations, like Streuselkuchen, Riwwelkuchen, Riwelkuchen, Riewelkuchen, Riebbelkuchen, Riebelkuchen, Ribbelkuchen, etc.

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