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"Stretched" is a single by the Israeli Psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom. It was released by BNE in 2005.

The single begins with a remix of "Shakawkaw" done by the Israeli group Mayumana. Being a live remix much of the crowd noise is heard over the music. Second, the title track "Stretched". Followed third by a powerful remix of one of Infected Mushrooms most popular tracks "Cities of the Future" by another Israeli artist Time Lock. The fourth track, "The Beauty and the Beat", is an offering of new music in between albums. It was speculated that it would be released on Vicious Delicious but was not.

Track listing

  1. "Shakawkaw" (Mayumana Remake Live) – 7:23
  2. "Stretched" (Album Mix) – 7:22
  3. "Cities of the Future" (Timelock Remix) – 7:29
  4. "The Beauty and the Beat" – 8:09


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