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Mickey Mouse Works

Mickey Mouse Works is a television show that features the cartoon character Mickey Mouse and his friends in a series of animated segments. It is somewhat of an update of Mickey's Mouse Tracks.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Ludwig Von Drake all star in their own segments. Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Chip 'n Dale, Scrooge McDuck, Black Pete, Humphrey the Bear, J. Audobon Woodlore, Dinah the Dachshund, Butch the Bulldog, Mortimer Mouse and Clara Cluck all appear as supporting characters.


Mickey Mouse Works was created to recreate the golden age of Disney's animated shorts, featuring some of Disney’s most popular characters. By using basic colors and the original sound effects, tremendous effort was put forth to capture the look and feel of classic Disney.

Each half-hour episode consisted of a variety of cartoons, varying in length from ninety seconds to twelve minutes. These shorts fell into three general types: the brief gag cartoons, the longer character-based cartoons, and the more classically-based "Mouse Tales" (usually the show's longest segment). The character-based segments also included "Silly Symphonies," carrying on the tradition of that series of theatrical shorts. The gag shorts, which lasted 90 seconds each, were shown with the following umbrella titles:

  • Mickey to the Rescue: Mickey tries to rescue Minnie from Pete's trap-laden hideout.
  • Maestro Minnie: Minnie conducts an orchestra of animated, disagreeable, instruments.
  • Goofy's Extreme Sports: Goofy shows off extreme sports to the words of his offscreen narrator.
  • Donald's Dynamite: Donald's activity is interrupted by the appearance of a well-placed bomb.
  • Von Drake's House of Genius: Ludwig Von Drake shows off an invention of his which goes haywire.
  • Pluto Gets the Paper: Pluto goes through a bit of problems trying to fetch the newspaper for Mickey.

With no established schedule or routine, Mickey Mouse Works was designed to look like one spontaneous flow. Adding to that feeling were the show's opening credits, which ended differently each week, the only constant being an elaborate interruption from a spotlight-stealing Donald Duck.

While most skits involved individual characters, some have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy running a special service group. Most Goofy skits have him doing a "how-to" segment, always accompanied by a narrator.


When the show was replaced by Disney's House of Mouse in January 2001, it was never seen again afterwards. However, when the shorts were shown right before Toon Disney's Big Movie Show on weekdays, they were shown with the Mickey Mouse Works closing credits.

Some shorts are available in Europe on DVD, under the title Mickey's Laugh Factory. While some shorts have the Mickey Mouse Works title card background, others have the House of Mouse version. Cartoons include Hickory Dickory Mickey, Mickey Tries to Cook, Organ Donors, Mickey's Airplane Kit, Street Cleaner, Mickey's New Car, Bubble Gum, Mickey's Big Break and Mickey's Mix-Up.

Episode list

  1. Mickey To The Rescue: Train Tracks / How To Be a Waiter / Maestro Minnie: William Tell Overture / Donald's Failled Fourth / Roller Coaster Painters / Music Store Donald
  2. Goofy's Extreme Sports: Skating the Half Pipe / Mickey's New Car / Pluto's Penthouse Sweet Donald's Shell Shots
  3. Donald's Dynamite: Bowlling Alley / Mickey's Airplane Kit / Von Drake's House of Genius: Time Reverser / Turkey Catchers / Dance of The Goofys / Pit Crew
  4. Pluto Gets The Paper: Spaceship / Donald's Rocket Ruckus / Goofy's Extreme Sports: Paracycling / Organ Donors / Mickey's Mistake
  5. Maestro Minnie: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 / How To Be a Spy / Donald's Valentine Dollar / Pluto's Kittens /
  6. Von Drake's House of Genius: Remote Controlled Laser Lawn Mower / Pluto vs. the Watchdog / Donald's Dynamite: Fishing / Around the World in Eighty Days
  7. Donald's Dynamite: Opera Box / Goofy's Big Kitty / Von Drake's House of Genius: Money Increaser / Sandwich Makers / Pluto's Arrow Error/ How To Be A Rockstar/ Bird Brained Donald / Babysitters / Lil Bad Wolf
  8. Mickey To The Rescue: Staircase / Purple Pluto / Daisy Visits Minnie / How to Ride a Bicycle
  9. Goofy's Extreme Sports: Rock Climbing / Hansel and Gretel / Donald on Ice / Mickey's Mechanical House / Pluto Gets The Paper: Wet Cement / Futurmania / Double Date Donald /
  10. Pluto Gets The Paper: Street Cleaner* / Donald's Dinner Date / Maestro Minnie: Brahms Lullabye / Daisy's Big Sale / Hydro Squirter / Mickey's Piano Lesson / Mickey's April Fools
  11. Mickey To The Rescue: Cage and Cannons / Mickey's Remedy / Goofy's Extreme Sports: Wakeboarding / A Midsummer Night's Dream / Donald's Charmed Date
  12. Pluto Gets The Paper: Bubblegum / Mickey Tries to Cook / Donald and the Big Nut / Topsy Turvy Town / Golf Nut Donald
  13. Von Drake's House of Genius: Teldinger / Purple Pluto / Maestro Minnie: Flight of the Bumblebee / The Nutcracker
  14. Mickey To The Rescue: Staircase / How to Haunt a House / Mickey's Mechanical House / Hansel and Gretel / Mickey and The Color Caper
  15. Pluto Gets The Paper: Vending Machine / Donald's Grizzly Guest / Donald's Dynamite: Snowman / Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot / Big House Mickey /
  16. Daisy's Road Trip / Pluto Runs Away / Relaxing with Von Drake /
  17. How to Be a Baseball Fan / Locksmiths / Minnie Takes Care of Pluto /
  18. Donald's Dynamite: Magic Act / Survival of the Woodchucks / Mickey's Rival Returns / Mickey and the Seagull
  19. Goofy's Radio / Car Washers / Pluto's Seal Deal
  20. Mickey's Mixed Nuts / Goofy's Extreme Sports: Shark Feeding / Mickey's Mountain / computer.don /
  21. Donald's Halloween Scare / Donald's Lighthouse / How to Take Care of Your Yard
  22. Pluto Gets The Paper: Mortimer / Minnie Visits Daisy / How to Wash Dishes / Domesticated Donald
  23. Donald's Halloween Scare / How to Be a Gentleman / Mickey and the Seagull
  24. Mickey's Mix-Up / Whitewater Donald / Mickey's Christmas Chaos
  25. A Donald Duck Cartoon: Donald's Fish Fry / Presto Pluto / Mickey's Cabin
  26. Pluto Gets The Paper: Vending Machine / Answering Service / Pluto's Magic Paws / Mickey's Big Break
  27. Pinball Mickey / Donald's Pool / How to Be a Gentleman / Maestro Minnie: Big Top


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