Michée Chauderon

Michée Chauderon, (d. 1652), was an alleged Swiss witch. She was the last person to be executed for sorcery in the city of Geneva in Switzerland.

Chauderon worked as a washerwoman. At one point, she had an argument with one of her employers, who accused her of theft. They then raported her for having summoned a demon into the body of their daughter. Chauderon was arrested and interrogated. The so called devil's mark was found on her body, and she was tortured with strapado. during the torture, she said that one day, she had met Satan in her garden in the shape of a black man with the feet of a cow, and he had promised her wealth if she denounced God, which she had done. She was then judged guilty of sorcery and sentenced to be hanged and burned.

Between 1520 and 1681, 340 people were put on trial for sorcery in Geneva, and 150 were executed. Chauderon was the last person to be executed for sorcery in the city of Geneva, but not the last in Switzerland; that was to be Anna Göldi in 1782.



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