Strange, Sir Robert, 1721-92, English engraver. The outstanding historical engraver of his day, he became a member of the academies of Rome, Florence, Bologna, and France and was the only English engraver whose portrait was painted on the ceiling of the Vatican print room. His most distinguished works are Van Dyck's Charles I with His Horse and Charles I in His Robes. For his engraving of West's Apotheosis of the Royal Children he was knighted in 1787.
The Strange-nosed Chameleon (Kinyongia xenorhina) is a chameleon native to the rainforests of the Ruwenzori Mountains of western Uganda and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Strange-nosed Chameleons are named for the large protuberance extending from the top of the snout, particularly prominent on the males of the species. This feature is composed of two separate plates extending outwards from either side of the snout and merging at the end. This feature has also earned them the alternate common name, Single Welded-horn Chameleon. They also have a very high casque (a helmet-like structure towards the back of the skull). The head and casque are covered with enlarged, plate-like scales.

Strange-nosed Chameleons are olive to brown in color, sometimes with lateral orange or blue coloration. Males range more towards olive and females more towards brown. They can reach a length of 11 in (280 mm), making them one of the larger members of the Kinyongia genus. They have among the sharpest "teeth" and longest claws of any chameleon species.

Strange-nosed Chameleons have rarely been bred in captivity. They are an endangered species under CITES.

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