Yellow summer squash

Yellow summer squash (one of several cultivated Cucurbita pepo) is a type of yellow-coloured vegetable marrow and is a member of the gourd family. It is also known as Summer Squash and Straightneck Squash. It has mildly sweet and watery flesh, and thin tender skins that for many recipes don't need to be peeled off. It was almost certainly domesticated in the eastern U.S., although other variants of the same species (zucchini, pumpkin) were domesticated in Mesoamerica. The squash grows on vined plants reaching to in height that thrive in mild weather. It is well known as an item in American cooking, and is often used in recipes interchangeably with zucchini in which it is fried, microwaved, steamed, or baked. When selecting this variety of squash in a store, choose those that are small and firm with tender skins free of blemishes or bruising. Yellow crookneck squash is available all year long in some regions, but it is at its peak from early through late summer.


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