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Sigg bottle

Sigg bottles are bottles designed and manufactured in Switzerland from aluminium or stainless steel. The aluminum bottles are made by an extruding press which forms an aluminum puck into a cylinder in a single movement after which it is pressed into one of several possible bottle sizes. A separate threading ring is inserted and secured. Once the bottle has been formed, it is cleaned and the interior is sprayed with a food-compatible stove enamel which is heated while the outside is coated and heat bonded with powder paint.


The company was founded in Biel in 1908 by Ferdinand Sigg and produced kitchenware, bottles and electrical appliances from aluminum. Since 1998, the company has concentrated on the manufacture of bottles. According to market research, the company name is known by 70 percent of people in German-speaking countries.


All Sigg bottles use the same diameter head and thread system which results in interchangeability of bottles and caps. Different cap styles exist such as a normal screw on cap with loop, caps with glow-in-the-dark markers, sports-bottle caps and caps with added protection from dust.

Advantages and disadvantages

Aluminum bottles are resistant to shocks and deformations, are lightweight, and protect the contents from light. The interior proprietary coating is flexible and is unlikely to break or crack during deformations. As a result of this, elements do not leak into the transported liquid unlike Lexan bottles. Sigg bottles have been determined by Backpacker magazine to be the world's toughest water bottle. The impermeable proprietary coating and secure closure mechanism allow for carbonated beverages to be transported in a secure and fresh fashion.

The disadvantage of thin aluminum is that it does not offer much insulation, which means that condensation can build on the outside of the bottle when cold drinks are transported, and hot drinks will result in a bottle which can not be comfortably touched. The limited size of the opening also makes it difficult to fill or clean the bottle or to use it for purposes other than drinking.

It is hard to evaluate the merits of the bottle liner because SIGG refuses to disclose the composition of the bottles' lining, claiming that it is a proprietary secret. Some of the listed liner materials are what the company refers to as water based, non-toxic polymers.

Another disadvantage is that the bottles are unsuitable for use in below freezing temperatures. Sigg indicates this on its website under FAQs: "Can I place my SIGG in the freezer? NO, this may cause the bottle to crack. For chilling, we recommend placing your SIGG in the refrigerator but NOT in the freezer – no matter how full the bottle."


Each year, new designs of the Sigg bottle are added to the collection while others are no longer produced. The design of Sigg bottle has led to its addition to the permanent design collection of the NY Museum of Modern Art. The classic bottle is of a single colour (most often red) whilst more modern bottles can have designs on them and are available in both glossy or matte finishes. Special editions include those made specifically for English band Radiohead's tour in 2008. The band and crew used them and they were available to buy at shows and now at the bands merchandise website.


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