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Storefront Hitchcock L.P.

Storefront Hitchcock L.P. is the vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the performance film Storefront Hitchcock, directed by Jonathan Demme and featuring the songs of Robyn Hitchcock.

It was released concurrently with the CD soundtrack in 1998, but includes five songs that are not on the CD, including an extravagantly re-made "Statue With A Walkman" which features evocative spoken passages, and the previously unavailable "Eerie Green Storm Lantern". The version of "Filthy Bird" features prominent violin from Deni Bonet, pitched in the style of crying, swooping gulls, which far outdoes the original recording made for Moss Elixir.

The set also features alternative ad-libbed spoken sections from Hitchcock, some of which are perhaps more enchanting than those heard on the CD edition.

Guitarist Tim Keegan also appears alongside Hitchcock and Deni Bonet.

Track listings

Side One:

  • 1974
  • Let's Go Thundering
  • Filthy Bird
  • Statue With A Walkman

Side Two:

  • I'm Only You
  • Glass Hotel
  • I Something You
  • The Yip! Song
  • You And Oblivion

Side Three:

  • Freeze
  • Airscape
  • Alright, Yeah
  • Where Do You Go When You Die?

Side Four:

  • The Wind Cries Mary
  • No, I Don't Remember Guilford
  • Eerie Green Storm Lantern
  • Beautiful Queen

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