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Storm Clouds Up Ahead

Storm Clouds Up Ahead is the self released debut EP by the English Metal band Dante's Ascension.

The CD title was derived from a clean sung lyric in the CD opener, "Havanna's Aggression", "Storm clouds up ahead as cities fall"


  • There are no real amp recordings on this CD. All guitars were run Direct Inject through the Xmas tube Vst Plugin for Cubase SX.
  • All guitars were tracked by Kieran Spiers.
  • The only song to feature Paul Sparkes playing drums is track 2, "Heaven Falls"
  • The singing on the refrain of "Dark Side of Atum" was originally conceived as a joke but eventually remained on the track and is still performed live.
  • The CD artwork was designed by guitarist Robert Woodland and was derived from a photo of the band playing live.
  • Producer, Spiers, placed all the intro's to tracks on the previous song so that when listening as a whole, the album strung together.

Track listing

All songs written by Dante's Ascension and contributors are listed in reference to input. All Lyrics written by Ricky Abrahams

  1. "Havanna's Aggression" (Spiers) – 4:01
  2. "Heaven Falls" (Woodland, Sparkes,Spiers) – 3:54
  3. "Saqqara & Memphis" (Woodland,Sparkes,Spiers) – 4:29
  4. "Dark Side of Atum" (Spiers, Woodland) – 5:34


  • Ricky Abrahams – Vocals.
  • Kieran Spiers – Guitar right, vocals, clean singing on "Havanna's Aggression" and "Dark Side of Atum", bass guitar, production.
  • Robert Woodland - Guitar left, artwork.
  • Paul Sparkes – Drums.
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