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Store brands (house brands in the United States, own brands in the UK, and home brands in Australia) are brands which are specific to a retail store or store chain. The retailer can manufacture goods under its own label, re-brand private label goods, or outsource manufacture of store brand items to multiple third parties - often the same manufacturers that produce brand label goods. Store brand goods are generally cheaper than national brand goods because the retailer can optimize the production to suit consumer demand and reduce advertising costs. Goods sold under a store brand are subject to the same regulatory oversight as goods sold under a national brand.

In some retail sectors, store brands account for 40 to 50 percent of sales. Store branding is a mature industry; consequently, some store brands have been able to position themselves as premium brands. Sometimes store-branded goods mimic the shape, packaging, and labeling of national brands, or get premium display treatment from retailers. (For example, "Dr. Thunder" and "Mountain Lightning" are the names of the Sam's Choice store brand equivalents of Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew, respectively.)

Some retailers believe that while advertising by premium national brands brings shoppers to the store, the retailer typically makes more profit by selling the shopper a store brand. This assumption has led to a spurt in the academic and trade literature on the subject of positioning the store brand vis-a-vis the national brand.

In most cases, while a store brand is usually cheaper than a national (or even a regional) brand, they remain more expensive than a generic brand sold at the store. (i.e. Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle selling their store brands for less than national brands but more than Topco's Valu Time generic brand.) The "no-frills" grocery chains primarily sell store brands, such as Aldi and Save-A-Lot (though most Save-A-Lots do sell limited name brand products, which vary from whoever owns the store), in order to promote overall lower prices compared to supermarket chains that sell several brands as well as other goods and services.

List of store brands



Coles Supermarkets

  • $mart Buy – basic needs, at low prices
  • You'll love Coles – mid-range on quality and price
  • Coles Finest – high quality, market leaders


  • Savings - basic needs at low prices
  • Farmland - food and grocery - part of the "Everyday Low Price" range
  • Persona - health, beauty and toiletries - part of the "Everyday Low Price" range
  • Reliance - household and cleaning - part of the "Everyday Low Price" range
  • Coles - store brand


  • Bi-Lo - basic needs at low prices

Woolworths Supermarkets

  • Home Brand – basic needs at low prices
  • Woolworths Select – mid-range on quality and price


  • No Frills - basic needs at low prices


  • First Choice - mid-range on quality and price


  • Black & Gold

SPAR Australia

  • Fabulous


  • Best Buy

Department and discount stores


Babyworld, Basque, Blaq, Brooklyn Industries, Collection, Cooks Kitchen, Fiorucci, Heritage, Innovare, Jane Lamerton, Kenji, Ladybird, Maddox, Milkshake, Miss Shop, Mosaic, Piper, Regatta, Reserve, Soho, Sprout, Tokito, Urbane, Vue


  • Now - Discount Clothing
  • Jackeroo - Clothing and Outdoor Furniture
  • Homemaker - Kitchen and Manchester general brand
  • Audiosonic - Audiovisual Brand


  • Base - Audiovisual Brand

Big W

  • Patio by Jamie Durie - Garden tools and outdoor furniture
  • AWA - audio visual equipment (brand used under licence)


Department and discount stores

Zellers/Hudson's Bay Company

  • Truly


Loblaw Companies

(Including Dominion Stores Extra Foods, freshmart. Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, SuperValu, valu-mart)

New Zealand


Foodstuffs Branded Supermarkets.

(New World; Pak'n Save & Four Square supermarkets)

  • Budget - Bottom of the line home brand across the board.
  • Pam's - Marketed more as an equal to brand name products.

Progressive Enterprises Branded Supermarkets.

(Countdown; Woolworths; Foodtown; Freshchoice & Supervalue)

  • Home Brand - Bottom of the line home brand across the board.
  • Signature Range - Marketed more as an equal to brand name products.

Department and discount stores

The Warehouse

  • Transonic - Audio & Visual; Electric Apliances
  • Redstamp - Electric Appliances; Manchester
  • Soft Touch - Manchester

United Kingdom



  • Extra Special
  • Asda Organic
  • Good For You!
  • Great Stuff! (Children's food range)
  • George - Asda's own-brand clothing line
  • Asda Smartprice


  • Bettabuy - Currently being phased out in favour of Morrisons Value
  • Eat Smart
  • Morrisons and Morrisons Value
  • The Best


  • Basics
  • Economy - replaced by Basics
  • Jeff & Co - Now-defunct Sainsbury's clothing range
  • Sainsburys SO Organic
  • Taste The Difference
  • Be Good To Yourself
  • Free From
  • Super Naturals
  • Different by Design (Home wares)
  • TU - Sainsbury's own brand clothing

Prestige Food and Drink

  • Basics
  • Economy
  • Quality First, you demand, you got it.Prestige is everything.


  • Tesco Brand
  • Tesco Value
  • Tesco Finest
  • Tesco Organic
  • Tesco Wholefoods
  • Tesco FreeFrom
  • Tesco Healthy Living/Light Choices
  • Tesco Kids
  • Tesco Christmas
  • Cherokee
  • Florence & Fred (F+F)
  • Technika
  • Digilogic

United States

Department and discount stores




  • Bosque Verde
  • Hacendado


  • Basic Red
  • Lucerne
  • O Organics
  • Primo Taglio
  • Priority Pet
  • Rancher's Reserve
  • Safeway Select


some brands also available at Kroger Co. subsidiaries

  • Kroger Value/FMV - bargain-priced; various items
  • Kroger - national brand counterpart; various items
  • Private Selection - premium-tier; food items
  • Naturally Preferred - organic food items
  • Disney Magic - children's-oriented food items
  • Big K - carbonated beverages
  • Pet Pride
  • Moto Tech
  • Everyday Living - kitchen and household items
  • HD Designs
  • Office Works


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