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Stop Out is an association football club in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. They are based at Hutt Park, however due to renovations home matches have been played at Hutt Raceway in Seaview.

The Stop Out organisation was founded in 1919 with the aim of providing recreation to Hutt Valley children, so as to prevent the, from becoming "stop outs", period slang for trouble youth. The organisation has been involved with several sports over the course of it's history - notably Athletics, Softball and Boxing - however the organisation is now focused on football. Despite the change of sporting code focus, the club highly values the founding principles and abides by them today. The football branch of the organisation was established in 1922, as the club Moera Stop Out, later changing their name to Stop Out in 1932. The club won the Chatham Cup in 1956, and was runner up for the National League title in 1977. In 1983 and 1983, Stop Out won the Central Region title.

Stop Out’s senior club has grown in recent years to include 8 men’s teams. The club's first team played in Central League in the 2006 season, the first time in over a decade. The club fields three teams playing in the Masters Divisions and a further four teams playing in the Capital Leagues (Capital 4, Capital 9, Capital 10 and Capital 13).

In 2006, the junior grades fielded 41 teams, of which 7 played in JPL or JPL-promo leagues.

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