stony-iron meteorite

Fukang (meteorite)

The Fukang meteorite was found in the mountains near Fukang, China in 2000. Pallasites are a type of stony-iron meteorite with beautiful olivine crystals.


In 2000 near Fukang (China), an anonymous finder recovered a 1003 kg mass. He removed from the main mass about 20 kg and in February 2005 the meteorite was taken at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. There it was seen by D.S. Lauretta of University of Arizona. Afterwards and the mass investigated by D.S. Lauretta, D. Hill, M. Killgore, D. Della-Giustina and Y. Goreva at Southwest Meteorite Center, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona in Tucson.

Classification and Composition

The Fukang pallasite contains large, gem quality olivine, or peridot, in a nickel-iron matrix. Olivines vary in shape from rounded to angular, many are fractured and they range in size from <5 mm to several cm. The main mass contains several regions of massive olivine clusters up to 11 cm in diameter with thin metal veins. Fo86.4 with molar Fe/Mg = 0.1367, Fe/Mn = 40.37, and Ni = 0.03 wt%. The metal matrix is mostly kamacite with an average Nickel contents of 6.98 wt%. Vermicular sulfide (troilite) is present in some olivine.
Oxygen isotopes: δ18O 2.569 ‰, δ17O 1.179 ‰, ∆1 7O = −0.157 ‰.


A total of 31 kg of type specimen is on deposit at University of Arizona. M. Killgore holds a total of 31 kg. An anonymous collector holds the main mass.

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