stomachic muscle


A stomachic medicine is one that serves to tone the stomach, improving its function and increasing appetite. While many herbal remedies claim stomachic effects, modern pharmacology does not have an equivalent term for this type of action.

Herbs with stomachic effects include:

mechanism of action: they increase the appetite by increasing the gastric secreation .some other important agents used are:

1. bitters: these are the agents used to stimulate the taste buds and these produces reflex secretion of gastric juice. chirata. quassia , aristolochia and gentian are the commonly used ones.

2. alchohol:they induces gastric secretion by a direct action and also by the reflex stimulation of taste buds.

3. miscellaneous compounds; they include insulin which increases the gastric secretion by producing hypoglycaemia. histamine which produces direct stimulation of gastric glands. but these drugs have no therapeutic application.

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