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Stir Crazy (restaurant)

Stir Crazy is a restaurant chain serving Asian-style stir fry food and other Asian dishes.

Stir Crazy features a Market Bar or "build your own stir fry" menu, where the customer creates a custom stir fry dish from about 30 different vegetables, spices, and sauces. After placing the selections in a small wok, the customer hands it to a chef who prepares it along with a choice of meats, fish, rice, and/or noodles. The stir fry is cooked in front of the customer. The menu also features many traditional Asian appetizers and entrees which are prepared to order.

Stir Crazy also features a Crazy Buddha Bar, which serves both traditional drinks and unique Stir Crazy creations.

Stir Crazy has locations in Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New York, Missouri, Ohio, and Indiana.

They are a more contemporary spin off of P.F Changs

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