stinging capsule


[kap-suhl, -sool, -syool]
The word capsule, or encapsulation, may refer to:

  • Capsule (anatomy), a cover or envelope partly or wholly surrounding a structure.
  • Capsule (fruit), a type of dry fruit like the poppy, iris or foxglove.
  • Capsule (group), a Shibuya-kei musical group, consisting of vocalist Toshiko Koshijima and producer Yasutaka Nakata.
  • Capsule (microbiology), a layer that lies outside the cell wall of bacteria.
  • Capsule (pharmacy), a small gelatinous case enclosing a dose of medication.
  • Another name for the sporangium of mosses and hornworts.
  • The electronic or electromagnetic component inside a microphone which converts acoustic energy into an electric signal.
  • Capsular contracture, the scar tissue naturally forming around breast implants.
  • A protective cover for a cork on a bottle.
  • A cylinder capped with hemispheres
  • A capsule hotel, a type of very dense overnight lodging popular in urban Japan.
  • A space capsule, a type of manned spacecraft.
  • A time capsule, a cache of items and/or information to be preserved for future times.
  • The plastic container used to hold small toys and other items in bulk vending machines, also known as "Capsule Machines"

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