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North East Sticks Together

The North East Sticks Together is an annual diy music festival which takes place each fall in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is run by Ben Sisto (Honeypump / The Cloud City), Dan Shea (Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts), T.D. Sidell (Big Digits), and Deb Nicholson (EXiMiOUS Productions)). For the first two years, it has been a week-long series featuring artists and musicians mainly from the New England area, as well as some national indie bands on tour. In 2005 NEST was sponsored by The Boston Phoenix, and in 2006 switched to work with the Weekly Dig, a subsidiary of Boston Magazine.

NEST Goals

NEST describes itself as a group seeking to help the local arts and music community from a ground-up perspective. The following quote is from the NEST 2006 Guide Book, published by the Weekly Dig:

"How well do you know your city? Do you know when it was founded? Do you know what the state bird is? Do you know that Boston is home to one of the most thriving, inventive underground music scenes in the country? For those who need some filling in the answers are; 1630, the chickadee, and "Yes, it is." We are N.E.S.T., short for The North East Sticks Together. We are four independent event producers and artists who came together to raise public awareness of the arts and music we love."

Artist Lineup (2006)

The following (146) artists, musicians, and promoters worked with or performed during NEST 2006, October 15th - 21st:

Artist Lineup (2005)

The following (113) artists, musicians, and promoters worked with or performed during NEST 2005, September 18th - 24th:

Venues Involved (All Years)

Many venues across Boston and Cambridge have been involved with NEST since it began in 2005. They are:

3rd Party Promoters (All Years)

NEST works with many local 3rd party / diy promoters to setup events. The list below is still in progress:

See also

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More Information & Contacts

NEST 2006 Official Website

NEST profile on MySpace

The Boston Phoenix (NEST 2005 Sponsor)

The Weekly Dig (NEST 2006 Sponsor)

Direct email for NEST staff

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