sticking place

The Better Half (play)

The Better Half is a one-act play by Noel Coward first performed in 1922 by the Grand Guignol company. It was never published and thought to be lost until Richard Hand and Mike Wilson, researchers writing a book on the theatre company, discovered it in the British Library in September 2007, where it had been deposited as part of the Lord Chamberlain's Plays collection. According to Wilson, the play is about a "husband and wife [who] are in an unhappy relationship and he is about to embark on an affair, but he is an honourable man and refuses to consummate it... They are trying to keep it away from the wife but unknown to him, she already knows and is trying to encourage it because she knows they are unhappy."

The play will be revived between 16th October and 10th November 2007 by The Sticking Place theatre company at the Union Theatre in Southwark (south London)

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