Stick Out

was the sixth studio album released by the Japanese rock band The Blue Hearts. It was also the second consecutive album by the band to reach #1 on the Oricon charts.


  1. "Sutegoma" (すてごま Sacrifice)
  2. "Yume" (夢 Dreams)
  3. "Tabibito" (旅人 Travelers)
  4. "Kitai Hazure no Hito" (期待はずれの人 Disappointed People)
  5. "Yaru ka Nigeru ka" (やるか逃げるか Do It or Go Away)
  6. "Tetrapod no Ue" (テトラポットの上 On a Tetrapod)
  7. "Taifū" (台風 Typhoon)
  8. "Inspiration" (インスピレーション)
  9. "Ore wa Ore no Shi o Shinitai" (俺は俺の死を死にたい I Want to Die My Death)
  10. "44 Kōkei" (44口径 44 Diameter)
  11. "Usotsuki" (うそつき Liar)
  12. "Tsuki no Bakugekiki" (月の爆撃機 Moon's Bomb)
  13. "1000 no Violin" (1000のバイオリン 1000 Violins)


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