sterculia apetala



Sterculia is a genus colloquially termed the tropical chestnuts.

Sterculia species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including the leaf-miner Bucculatrix xenaula, which feeds exclusively on the genus.

Sterculia species (tropical chestnuts)

  • Sterculia quadrifida – Gorarbar
  • Sterculia quinqueloba – Five-lobed sterculia
  • Sterculia ramiflora – An-ji-ur
  • Sterculia rhinopetala – Red Sterculia
  • Sterculia rogersii – Ulumbu tree
  • Sterculia scaphigera - Pang da hai, the boat Sterculia seed
  • Sterculia schliebenii
  • Sterculia tantraensis
  • Sterculia tomentosa
  • Sterculia treubii
  • Sterculia trichosiphon – Broad-leaved bottle tree
  • Sterculia urceolata
  • Sterculia urens – Gulu
  • Sterculia zastrowiana
  • Gallery of Sterculia foetida


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